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30 Inspiring Concept Artworks

Concept art is art that is created to express a given theme, idea, mood, setting or concept, in a relatively short amount of time.  Some concept art is incredibly rough, with clearly visible brush strokes and rough areas visible, while other concept art is highly refined, almost indistinguishable from computer graphics.  Either way, concept art must establish the proper perspective, lighting, mood and concept so as to allow for future development for film, games or other media.  Concept art is also a highly popular style for practice work, as it allows artists to experiment with various scenes and views without investing the amount of time required for a full digital painting, matte painting or 3D environment.
Here you’ll find 30 inspiring concept artworks that will get you inspired to try your own hand at concept art.  While it can be created using just a mouse, it is generally advised to use a drawing tablet for superior control and workflow.
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Birth of Giants by memod
Centurion by ewkn
Pirate by KageRott
The Edge by korbox
Light Mansion by Hideyoshi
The Base by jamajurabaev
Speedpaint by Majora28
First Night on Pandora by jamajurabaev
No One Left Behind by Phoenix-06
We Are Under Attack by Skyrion
The Gathering by Andreas Rocha
Unfinished Base by Raybender
Zone Zero by aiiven
Downtown by Andree Wallin
Sanctum by Jenovah-Art
Across the Pikes Valley by Polyraspad
Execution by 88grzes
Asteroid Shore by jamajurabaev
MacBeth by Gaius31duke
In the Mists of Vegas by ewkn
Chase by niltrace
Tarriance by Antifan Real
Bad Rancor by Voyager212
City Falls by niltrace
Lion King Tribute by jamga
Megastructure by Hideyoshi
IF 221 C by Andree Wallin
City of Despair by Uribaani
Burma Aid by fstarno
Prague by merl1ncz

Good things To Get a Freelancers Jobs in Recession Time

The article which I am going to discuss with you today is very important for most of the people as they are facing such bitter situation nowadays and want a solution to get rid out of this. So in today’s article, recession and its effects, and the idea of freelancing is being discussed along with the tips to help the effected people and those who want to adopt this profession with their own interest. So it will be a very healthy article to go through as it’s giving a very good idea to work on.

If You Could Freelance Anywhere, Where Would You Live?

A recession is meant by an economic decline. It is such a curse which is spread from corner to corner the economic condition of more than three years. The effects of recession are always drastic which leave severe impacts on many things but the most common scenario is observed at the job front. Since the commercial activities have become torpid, most companies are retrenching their staff due to the recession. Moreover, people are unable to find any other job as the effects of economic recession is everywhere in the country.

Freelance Job
An economic recession, with the expected rise in unemployment it brings, may not seem like a good time to look for a second job. But thanks to internet through which there are plenty of part-time and freelance jobs available despite the economic situation. With a little hard work, you can find the one which suits you the best. But it is a fact that everything has its positives and negatives, so if you plan to go for such kind of job, you should first analyse its pros and cons.
First of all its very risky and hard working job which requires your more time and intelligence to deal with different kinds of clients. In the start you need to figure out more projects on your own which means you not only need to give eight or nine hours which you used to give while working in an office. Secondly as you are dealing with your clients through web, so you need to be more careful in getting into any project as there will be more chances that the clients with whom you are dealing might betray you and you may lose all your money.
Besides all the negatives, there are many positive things about this profession too which probably attract many people nowadays to indulge in such kind of professions. Firstly being self employed is a very good thing as you can involve yourself only in such projects which are of your interest. Secondly as all the effort will be yours, so the money and profit generated will only belong to you. Thirdly and most importantly, such kind of jobs make you more independent in taking decisions and as it’s a creative job, so you can learn so many new things which will open so many new opportunities for you.

Your Ability To Work As A Freelancer

Now the most important thing which I am going to discuss with you is besides having a look on the positives and negatives of freelancing profession, what you need to oversee is, will you be able to handle such kind of profession!! Like for some people it’s very easy because they would be having creative powers. Besides creativity, you should also see that do you have that much money to build a complete setup if you want to get to a higher position, can you make more and more new clients etc. all these things are very important to be overviewed because you need to be very careful in all this, as it can destroy your image before you start your business.
So one of the ways is that before planning to go for such profession, firstly you should work on one or two projects to see whether you’ll be able to start and then continue this profession. If you’ll think that yes you can do it, it’ll really help you out in getting succeed in your profession and avoid any kind of risks.

Tips Should Keep in Mind Before Starts Your Freelance Career

No here comes the main crux of the article. After reading the whole above article, you must be interesting to know the tips which might help you out in opting such profession successfully and avoid getting into troubles regarding that.

1) Make Your Identity as Company

As working through internet is a risky thing both for you and for your clients. So many people trust companies more than individuals, because companies have more professional attitude and more resources. So what you need to do is to build for yourself a website that includes your resume, your introduction and samples of your work. In this way, clients will get to know about you and canyou’re your talent through samples of your work easily.

2)Build Relations and Win Trust

Getting work through internet is a very difficult task, as people don’t meet you physically, so its really hard to gain trust of the people. So in this situation, developing relations is very important that starts with your first job proposal, so you should make your cover letter focused and professional, to make the clients know about yourself that you are their right choice and encourage them to look at your work and resume. In the start, you might not get that much work, but it will be yours good freelance relations that will bring more trust and work from your clients.

3)Develop Business Plan

Now after developing strong relations with your clients, next step is to develop your business in such a professional way that will force your clients to think about you as a real professional who can really understand his client’s requirements! Besides that you should also make sure that the project delivery is in the same way the client wants because mostly clients don’t have that much time to be able to understand your matrix. So if you will be perfect in doing all these things, you’ll get more work to do.

4)Don’t Kill Your Timing

Now this tip is the most important one! Because if you do all the things according to your client and don’t deliver it on time, it’s of no use. So it is one of the important things to consider, as it gives your client a very good image if you meet your deadlines in a timely manner. You can arrange your emails, deliveries and milestones by using different programs like MS Outlook to make your work easier.

5)Mange Your Payments

Now here comes the more useful tip for you as it’s regarding your reward which is very important. As it’s a risky kind of profession, so you should be very careful in the start in choosing your clients, whom you think are really trust worthy in making payments. So if you want to judge whether your client is serious enough or not in his work, you should have an in-advance or down-payment amount of money. This can save you from the worse condition.






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